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At SUPERHOTEL we create residences we want to stay in. Each hotel is founded carrying our company's mission, to create a sound environment where guests can relax and have a good night's sleep. To ensure our mission's success, we employ our years of experience.

Our primary focus is to continually improve the quality of our hospitality and the relaxing environment we create. By using technology to our benefit we are able to optimize our fluid management systems allowing us to continually focus on improving the conditions of our accommodations to create a satisfied customer, maintain a motivated staff and keep a ever watchful management that minds the details.

SUPERHOTEL is dedicated to creating the ideal environment that induces a sound sleep. Having founded the "Gussuri Institute" in conjunction with the Health and Sports Science Department of Osaka Prefecture University, Japan, our dedicated research allows us to delve deeper into the actual science around a sound and good night's sleep. Research that has produced findings from custom pillows to soothing decorative art, innovations that SUPERHOTEL continues to implement into all our properties.

A cornerstone to success is good employees. At SUPERHOTEL we select only those applicant's who demonstrate "self-starter" qualities. A "self-starter" employee is those individuals who are naturally inspired to provide the best possible service while continuing to work on ways to improve hospitality. Our employees are the root of our management family, individuals whose attentive nature maintains a high performance set forth by our years of experience providing excellent hospitality service.

SUPERHOTEL creates and nurtures an environment ideally suited for rest and relaxation while developing an efficient eco-sensitive business limiting it's impacts to the environment.

Through the findings from our sleep research at the Gussuri Institute, we have innovated unique standards in all our properties that set us apart in the hospitality industry. The implementation of which is apart of our mission in creating the ideal environment for rest and relaxation. 

The entirety of SUPERHOTEL is designed to improve the conditions for sleep. From guests choosing on arrival custom therapeutic pillows to meet one's specific needs, to the availability of originally-invented pyjamas that improve the ion balance in one's body. With nutritionally balanced foods available to help care for an individual's "Ki" energy, the source of good health, to the calming music orchestrated specifically for our properties. SUPERHOTEL takes the art of relaxation as a science and carefully manages each ingredient.


All our services is original whose harmony creates the perfect environment for rest and relaxation.

Hotel's are naturally a resource intensive industry. As a eco-sensitive hotel operator we are on a mission to limit our resource consumption by creating a highly efficient environmentally friendly hotel.

Our commitment to the ideals put forth by "LOHAS", Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability, demonstrates our awareness in protecting the environment through our measured actions and have allowed us to be ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management and ISO 9001 for System Quality Management, both internationally recognized standards.

Through our integration of information technology we are able to efficiently manage our systems creating a near paperless operation. From implementing our "Eco Plan" stay programs it allows us to operate by offering customers small gift incentives to help protect the environment by having the opportunity to choose "no room cleaning" for short stays of two or three nights, thereby reducing our water and cleaning supplies usage from our turn down service limiting our overall environmental impacts. All steps in building for a better and cleaner world.

At SUPERHOTEL we integrate information technology to create both ease of access for customers visiting any of our properties while promoting our management systems into a highly efficient and productive service.


Through our "No Key, No Checkout" system, to be implemented in the future of Thailand operations, is a registered "IT Business Model Patent". The device we invented is a Automatic Check-In Machine that allows guests to check-in and receive a coded entry to respective rooms. A breakthrough invention allowing us to create the following benefits:

-Increase of Productivity
The reduction of unnecessary labor cost.
The reduction of troublesome operations at the front desk.
The reduction of resource waste (e.g. plastic / disposable card key)

-Increase of Customer Satisfaction
Shortening of Waiting time of the Check-in and Check-out.
Offering of lower price to the hotel guests.
Coded entry removes room lockout and loss of key.


The integration of information technology into our management systems allows for fluid highly efficient operations so that we can focus on continuing to improve the standards and innovations of our services in creating a eco-sensitive hotel.



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